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Behind the Scenes on the Set of Cougar Town (Video)

Courteney, Busy, and Company Take Us Behind the Scenes on Season Three of Cougar Town

Fans of Cougar Town will have something extra to celebrate this Valentine's Day when the ABC comedy makes its long-awaited return to the airwaves. We paid a visit to the set of the show recently to get a preview of what's ahead for season three — including a wedding for Jules and Grayson — straight from the cast. Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins talked about the trouble being engaged will present for the pair, Busy Philipps dished on the new business Laurie will be starting, and Dan Byrd revealed that a pretty major injury is on deck for Travis in the upcoming episodes. Check out our video to get an early look at some scenes from the premiere and to hear some juicy tidbits the cast revealed to us, and catch Cougar Town at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC tomorrow!

Courteney, Busy, and Company Take Us Behind the Scenes on Season Three of Cougar Town  originally posted on POPSUGAR Celebrity
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get engaged, and so that raises a whole new, sort of A whole new bucket of great. bundle of issues. They seem to be curious about it, I don't know if they want it. They want it. I should have minded my own business, but did I? Don't care. Next thing you know, she is kicking me and I have got this very heel in my hand and I am popping her ear drum. You don't want to go down that road, honey. Not a huge worry for me. Hey guys, it's Lindsay from Pop Sugar and I'm here behind the scenes on the set of ABC's "Cougar Town." With a wedding ahead between Jules and Grayson this season, writer Bill Lawrence told us that Grayson may crack under the pressure. I would bet that in the finale that if Grayson were getting overwhelmed by always having these people around that he would want to elope. And if I were to choose where they would want to get married, it would probably be Napa, where wine is born. Have you guys shot that wedding scene? Not yet, no. Oh, okay. We don't know anything about it. And I think that they've been doing it on purpose, withholding the scripts from us on purpose. Right. Because they knew we were going to be doing all this press, they didn't want us to be tempted. Exactly. I think it's just because they haven't written it yet. Play it cool. Now some of your co-stars were saying that you guys might have a little bit of a rocky road ahead this season. Yeah, there's some issues get engaged, and so that raises a whole new sort of A whole new bucket of phrase. bundle of issues. It's like you're saying that I'm boring. But I like boring. That's not the right thing to say. And now she grabs her robe and sleeps down the hall. Well, have you guys kind of brought anything from your personal experiences to specific episodes? Well, I will tell you what Bill does, which is, it's very annoying. So if I'm dinner, we're out to dinner and then I as the night goes on will become snarkier and snarkier. And I like to make him laugh so I'll...if he starts laughing then I get even meaner. And then he puts it in the show and then he will say to everyone, "Christa actually said this over the weekend." But I didn't really, I just to Bill, privately. Kinda did. Kinda? Kinda did. You said it. It was your mistake to say it. Now when we left off, you guys had had the big baby talk. So, how do you think that's gonna progress for Jules and Grayson? We actually deal with that pretty early in the season and it's not in the conventional way, but it's a way that keeps him quiet for a while. The season promises new love interest for Laurie and Bobby, and one of them is a "Scrubs" alum. Bobby 's trying to evolve and grow up a little bit and he wants a serious relationship. He starts to date Sarah Chalke. Wonderful. You know, she comes and has a four episode or a five episode part. What's gonna happen for your love life now? I mean, are you guys ever gonna have a thing? They seem to be curious about it. I don't know if they want it. They want it. Okay, they want it. You're right. They've still sort of toyed with the storyline a bit and apparently in the finale there's gonna be some sort of climactic type moment. Thankfully, they've sort of taken a break from Trav's romance romantic life-- Right. --since it was so heavy last season. Dad, for me, college will never be about girls anyway, so. Oh. Well, you're my son and I love you no matter what. Wasn't coming out to you. Just meant that I'm here to learn, not gay. He's gonna have to go through pretty hard. He has an accident. He hurts his head. Okay. And he has to wear a helmet for 6 episodes. Your character gets to wear a helmet for a lot of this. He gets to? You get to wear a helmet. That's an interesting way to put it. You're allowed to, actually. Yes, I have the privilege and honor of wearing a helmet the first 8 episodes of season. I had a bad haircut last season. They weren't happy about it. No one was happy about it. What happens, Lindsay, sometimes when you're on a television show, as the actor, if there's that the writers, if there's any message that the writers want to send you, it will probably show up in a script. I feel like it's no big shock that Laurie starts her own business this year and it happens to be making three-dimensional cakes. Have you made any amazing cakes lately? Have I talked to you since the like, three and a half foot Rapunzel tower cake that I made for her daughter. I haven't heard about that one. How long did it take to make that? Three days. I could probably make something just like that. Yeah probably. We're making an engagement cake for Kat and Nick. I'm going to have to go with busiest cake. She seem like cake decorated with goldmere project. The show is left without a solid return date for many months, but the cast and crew tell us that Valentine's Day is an ups night for its return. We got excited, you know, we thought March so they pull it up a little bit, it was great. I'm excited for people to see the episode that I directed, I direct it too. Very cool. But I thought they were really fun and great and... What do you think of her as a director? She is such a great actress. No, she really is wonderful. She knows what she's doing. She's done, I don't know if you know this, but she's done a lot of television. And apparently some other show before this one. I don't know what it was, but He never saw it. she's great, and it's great that we're all friends because we have sort of a short hand. It's easy for him not to listen to me and just do his own thing. There you go. And we decided we'd wait for February 14th, because our first episode is a very romantic one. You 'll get chills, some people cried. I mean it's really, it's really worth staying in and watching.

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