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Jake McDorman of Are You There, Chelsea? Interview (Video)

Jake McDorman on Sexual Tension and the Surprising Are You There, Chelsea? Role He First Played

As Rick the bartender on Are You There, Chelsea?, Greek alum Jake McDorman gets the chance to take on a slightly more adult role than he did on his last series. Jake stopped by PopSugar's LA studio recently to talk about landing the part opposite Laura Prepon, who happens to be his friend of several years, and the surprising other character he played in the first version of the pilot. He also weighed in on what it's like to work with the admittedly intimidating Chelsea Handler, what's ahead for Ric and Chelsea's long-simmering sexual tension, and where he imagines Evan from Greek is today. Check out our interview and catch the latest episode of Are You There, Chelsea? tomorrow on NBC at 8:30/7:30 central.

Jake McDorman on Sexual Tension and the Surprising Are You There, Chelsea? Role He First Played  originally posted on POPSUGAR Celebrity
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The relationship between Chelsea and Rick kind of comes to a boiling point. Basically, you'll see me fidget under a countertop and then magically appear with a cocktail. Hey guys, it's Lindsey from Pop Sugar and I'm here today with Jake McDorman from Are You There, Chelsea? I'm so curious about the audition process. Did you have to audition in front of Chelsea Handler? I never actually had to audition in front of Chelsea Handler, thank goodness. That would have been over wrecking. But I did audition multiple times. Like the first time we shot the pilot 'cause we shot the pilot twice. I was a totally different role. I was the redhead from the pilot Oh, okay. So, which is actually a story from I think Are You There God, It's Me Chelsea Right. Where she goes on a date with somebody with hair like Red Ginger Grass is what she described it. Exactly. So, that was me. So, you did the wig and everything? I totally did the wig and everything. I know you don't share a lot of scenes with Chelsea, but what was your first impression of her when you first did meet her? She's pretty much like a workaholic, I mean, she's got, including this show, three shows. She's got the Chelsea Lately Show and the After Lately. another show. She shows up; she knows her lines all the time. We have been working for 3 days, trying to get it, trying to figure it out, trying to make the scene she comes in and just kind of like humbles everybody. I know that you and Laura actually friends for a couple of years before the show so tell me about that. Yeah, we were friends for about three years and that's one of the coolest things about it because you already had an instant chemistry. Right. I think everybody who's been acting for awhile kind of looks forward to the opportunity to actually work with someone you know and this is the first time that I've gotten to do that so it was a lot of fun. tell me a little bit about working with Laura on that first episode. Working with Laura is great because we've been friends for a long time and it is really cool to work with a friend, especially Rick and the Chelsea, Larura's character, are you know, kinda have the same repoire. But you know Ric and Chelsea too have a lot of sexual attention so do you envision them at any point sort of giving it a try. You know after going for it and having the awkward situation of both being, wanting to be on top. Right. You know, I think they've kind of at least curbed for a while. Sure. And let it grow into a friendship which, you know, sets the stage for. If they did actually go for they probably look a lot more, a lot deeper than just a physical attraction. Well, I felt kind of bad for Rick recently 'cause he's kind of striking out with the ladies. Yeah, Rick. Yeah, Rick is a rough road. A sad moment with Rick. Are things going to turn around a little bit as the season goes on? It's funny because we find out a lot about him as the season goes on. Okay. We find out a lot about you know, we find out that he was a husky model when he was a kid His whole life he has kind of felt that he's just been, you know, getting by. And he has a dream of owning his own bar. And we find that out. So, yeah, he kind of you know, he puts the man pants on. So what can you tell me about the upcoming episode for this next week? It's called "Foody" Okay. And I think that actually a story from the book Okay. Which, that's always kind of exciting to do because you actually see these things manifested in the show. But this in particular is Chelsea meets a guy who's a gourmet chef and starts dating. And pretty much gets obsessed with his culinary skills. over his bedroom skills. This experience has to be so much different than working on Greek because the tone is so different but also you are working with a live studio audience. Right. everybody compares it to theater when really like the only similarity is it in front of people sure and you have the instant validation or non-validation right of the audience's reaction. But the way it's not like theater is they like absolutely love it if you line or like an F bomb is a guaranteed laugh. Of course, yeah. You know? Like, the show must go on is completely not applicable You spent several years on Greek so I kind of wondered, do you ever think what Evan might be up to these days. You know, he's probably married. I'd say by now. He's probably voting for Romney. There you go. I do keep in contact with just about every cast member from Greek. So tell me a little bit, too, about what you'd like to see happen for Rick and upcoming episodes or, you know next season. I know that's a couple of months away before everybody finds out what is getting picked up, would you like to see happen for him. The relationship between and Chelsea and Rick kind of comes to a boiling point. Where that would go in the second season would be really interesting to see if, you know, they are going to decide to Do anything about it and also Rick and Todd and Lenny, Melvin start to hang out the three of them. and, that's always so much fun to shoot. So I think, you know, in a second season we definitely see more of them kind of being like this Now did you bring any bartending experience to the role of Rick or have you picked up any tricks? You know what, I actually didn't I read that Ted Danson went to bartending school. For Cheers. For Cheers. Yeah. Which, I was like, I didn't do that, but like maybe I should. I have a couple friends that are mixologists and They showed me like the appropriate way to shake, which you actually can't do on camera because of audio. It's too loud. It's way too loud. So basically you'll see me fidget under a counter top. magically appear with a cocktail. So Jake thank you so much for coming by today, really nice to talk with you, and make sure to tune in for Are You There Chelsea at eight-thirty pm on NBC this

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