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Ken Marino and David Wain Wanderlust Interview (Video)

Wanderlust's Ken Marino and David Wain Dish on Jennifer Aniston and Their Film's Full-Frontal Nudity

Writers Ken Marino and David Wain may have come up with the story for Wanderlust, but when we chatted with the pair at a recent press day for the movie, they told us Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston were "everything" when it came to bringing the film to life. We asked the screenwriters to talk about the commune-like living situation they shared with the cast during the shoot, and they also weighed in on the movie's frequent male nudity. Watch the interview and catch Wanderlust in theaters starting today!

Wanderlust's Ken Marino and David Wain Dish on Jennifer Aniston and Their Film's Full-Frontal Nudity  originally posted on POPSUGAR Celebrity
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we were going to call it "Pop Sugar", I see. But then we had some little run-in's with your legal people. The script was good and then it could have been anybody. So, tell me what the spark was for this story? Basically, we sat down and we thought, what would be a good movie that kind of epitomizes the spirit of Pop Sugar which is our favorite website. Perfect. Okay. Something that's fun, funny, entertaining and -- Unpredictable. Unpredictable and so there, and out of that came Wanderlust and the rest of the process kind of happened automatically after that. We were going to call it Pop Sugar. I see. But then we had some little run0 ins with your legal people. So, tell me a little bit about your writing process. I've heard that you guys are really focused when you sit down, write script together. It's by necessity, we both busy, we both have little kids and we also live on separate coasts, so when we have time to write, we really schedule it and we're like, this is the time, and for this one we took a week and we went into Ken's living room and said we have no idea, but we're going to come up with an idea, outline it and write it by the end of 7 days. What did it add to have a Paul and Jennifer sign on? You know, they worked together a lot before, so what would did that rapport sort of add to the script that you started with? Nothing. Nothing? Well, what's interesting is that the script was good and then it could have been anybody but so you know, Paul and Jen wanted to do it so we were like, fine, whatever. They were just available. Now give the real answer. They give everything. There is no movie without people like people like Paul and Jen and they imbued the characters and the relationship, particularly with such humanity and comedy. On top of that is that they had a relationship with each other. They knew each other a long time, and so there was a short hand and a love for each other that, you know, they've been friends for a while and so when they would talk to each other and do scenes, it seemed very familiar, you know it seemed very real and honest. I found it too, like the cast and crew sort of did live in a commune like setting during the movie, so can you tell me a little bit about what that experience, kind of shooting out in the middle of nowhere, was like? We were in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, far away from Atlanta and far away from everything. And so, It was a very small, contained cast working there, and so it definitely did parallel the script in that we were all living together, and working together, hanging out together. It really helped infuse and make the group a unit. Now I wanted to ask there's a lot of male full frontol nudity in this movie. Did you have to fight to keep that in? We actually have a lot more in the movie. Yeah. Wow. There was ton. There was quite a bit more. There's a lot more. And so a lot of it's gone. And, you know, through, you know just our -- Test screenings. Test screenings but also kind of, what we felt was the right amount, we pulled back enormously on it because we thought -- Really? A little, you know, a little, a little, no pun intended, but a little 'beep' goes a long way. True. So we'll just have to wait for the DVD extras. What's the pun exactly? I don't know.

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