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Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz Interview (Video)

Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz Reveal the Surprising Keys to Creating and Costuming Their Hunger Games Characters

As Haymitch and Cinna in The Hunger Games, respectively, Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz play vital roles in Katniss's journey. We caught up with Woody and Lenny at the recent Beverly Hills press day for the movie to get their thoughts on their characters' real opinions on The Capitol and to talk about how they created their onscreen looks. Woody revealed which of his family members he modeled Haymitch's style after, and Lenny also shared some insight into his unique take on Cinna's wardrobe, which he admitted the costume department didn't exactly see eye-to-eye with in the beginning. Check out our interview and see The Hunger Games in theaters beginning March 23!

Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz Reveal the Surprising Keys to Creating and Costuming Their Hunger Games Characters  originally posted on POPSUGAR Celebrity
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I'm not convinced that he's sold out on the capital. Yeah. You know, I feel like if the revolution were to go down, he would definitely be a major part of it. He has like long blondish hair with the scruff and I was like Haymitch. Now, when you guys actually saw the film, was there a scene that especially impressed you, even having, you know, been there during the shoot? I thought a lot of the stuff that they shot in the jungle, the woods I guess or whatever you know. In the actual Hunger Games I thought it was incredibly well shot and the pace of it and the excitement of it, just the visual is pretty stunning. I wasn't aware of any of that either. Yeah, yeah. Tell me a little bit too. We know so little about these characters reading the book. Did you imagine a back story for each of them, or how much of their past did you sort of imagine. My take psychologically on Haymitch was I mean a lot of it Susan Collins who gives in a way, you know, but it's like, this guy obviously won The Hunger Games years ago and you just can only imagine the level of resentment he feels towards the riches and popularity that brought him. He looks at the Capitol and those kind of folks with a lot of disdain and just authority generally. And what about Cinna? You know I just felt that he was this guy that has somehow has been around for a few years. He's working for the capital, he has his position. The Capitol is a certain way, you have to behave a certain way. Sure. But, I'm not convinced that he's sold out on the Capitol. Yeah . You know, I feel like if the revolution were to go down, he'd definitely be a major part of it. But where he can do good You know, in how he deals with Katniss for instance. Right. You know, he really becomes personally involved, it's not just the job, and then a kid coming through. And Haymitch comes around in the same way. Yeah, I mean, I think an understandable level of cynicism having, you know, tried to mentor. Telling how many kids who died prior to this but something about Katniss, he really thinks this girl may have it, like, this might be the one. Right. And sure enough, he's right. So, obviously the characters the Capitol are really defined by their looks. So, what was something per each of you that you contributed to the look of your character? I met my brother. We were on motorcycles and we met over in Topanga and then rode up to his house and I hadn't seen him in awhile. He took off his helmet. He has like long, blondish hair with scruffs and I was like Haymitch. Really? So yeah. So your brother inspired it? Yes, and he really does look like Haymitch Abernathy. the wardrobe department. And they had me come in look at the all the clothes, all this great pinstripes and seersucker prints and Whoa. I like clothes. I can't picture you in seersucker. But we played them down more than you. Didn't you think he'd be more flamboyant? I did. And he was played more classic I also need more eyeliner but You know, which was a conversation that Gary and I had. Yeah. Why can't he sum around with Tom Ford which was nice, but yeah, the gold I make up with a bit of sparkle.

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