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Meet Nancy: PopSugar Editor and Sandwich Connoisseur

In the first of our new series of editor profiles, we meet Nancy, executive editor of PopSugar Network. Nancy finds inspiration in the everyday, from the collective spirit of her editorial team to her nonstop sandwich savvy. Striving to live in the present, she's found a perfect balance between work and play — plus, she makes a mean Manhattan. Check out Nancy's video to learn more about what makes her stand out.

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Meet Nancy: PopSugar Editor and Sandwich Connoisseur   originally posted on POPSUGAR Celebrity News
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econ476 econ476 4 years
Yay! She has short hair like me! That sandwich container was so cool. My goodness, the coolest people work at PopSugar!
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 5 years
Late to the bandwagon here but this is such a fun video!
noonehere noonehere 5 years
Definitely not sharing the sandwich philosophy of life. I'm much more into Barbra Streisand's "perfect bite" philosophy (The Mirror Has Two Faces).
Noria-Morales Noria-Morales 5 years
My favorite cocktail is a Manhattan too! 
Judi2704749 Judi2704749 5 years
Hi Nancy, My mom Ann is your Mom's good friend. She sent me the link to your video. I am glad to meet you :-) I love what you are doing. I too found something I am good at and like, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses create an amazing online presence and grow their businesses with social media. Aren't all these new technologies fun?
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 5 years
So cute!  I love this, Nancy!
tabbysabby tabbysabby 5 years
really? why so much of a control freak. and the sandwich thing. really?
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 5 years
So cute! Nancy, you should consider starting a side job selling sandwiches in the office :)
jcullenjr jcullenjr 5 years
Nancy, even though we haven't talked since we were little, your father keeps me in touch with all you do and this is just way to cool.  So glad to see you living!!!  It is a balance of so many thngs and you are doing it and it is an inspiriation.  If you ever are looking for a baby boomer to highlight we could talk about the other end of the living spectrum.  Either way I am so proud of this effort and so glad to be able to view this project.
Hannah-Weil-McKinley Hannah-Weil-McKinley 5 years
I love this! Nancy you are awesome — and now, I totally think i need a sandwich condo, too!
slb382 slb382 5 years
love it!  the apartment, her outfits, the job...want it all! Feeling inspired and can't wait to enter the contest!
chab chab 5 years
Love it!
DStirk DStirk 5 years
How cute is this? Nancy, this is prob way, way, way old news, but I LOVE your haircut!
Allie-Merriam Allie-Merriam 5 years
 @Nancy Einhart , you rule!! 
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 5 years
Nancy, I need you to tell me where I can get a sandwich condo.
jhu927 jhu927 5 years
nice forehand! i love sliced jalapenos in my sandwiches!
Aaron-Tait Aaron-Tait 5 years
My passion is making apps for iPhones and iPads! I don't want the $5k, but I'd love a video profile!
rocchiroad rocchiroad 5 years
I want a sandwich and a Manhattan right now!  :)  Beautiful video! 
Lee-Phillips Lee-Phillips 5 years
HAH! This is great. I need to introduce you to Rae Phillips  as you two share quite the love for sandwiches.
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 5 years
Really awesome Nancy! Makes me want to make a club sandwich . . . what inspires me? Drool-worthy food that I'm dying to recreate!! 
celine05 celine05 5 years
how cute is this video?!?! I want to be her BFF. That vintage lunchbox collection is to DIE for!
Nan-Einhart Nan-Einhart 5 years
OMG,  This is so you!!!!  Tearing up here.
sabs sabs 5 years
I always knew @Nancy Einhart was amazing, but this video just made me admire her even more!
KarKarB24 KarKarB24 5 years
adorable! I heart Nancy!
fjghkawf fjghkawf 5 years
Sandwich condos and Manhattans. Awesome!
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